Best Way To Choose Right Approved Housing Rexburg

Best way to choose right approved housing Rexburg

Best way to choose right approved housing Rexburg

Are you looking for approved housing Rexburg?

Rexburg has the famous BYU (Brigham Young University), where many students take admission to study various courses. But everyone cannot get accommodation in the campus, therefore, they search for other options and the main requirement is that it must be BYU approved. Therefore, if an apartment complex, house, etc. have BYU approval, it means that BYU has a contract drawn with the landlord to ensure that BYU Residential Living Standards will be upheld. In order to qualify for BYU approval, landlords must include certain clauses in their renting contracts like

All single undergraduate BYU students are required to live in university-contracted housing, if they are not living with their parents, but it is specifically excused in writing by the BYU Off-Campus Housing Office in certain cases.

The landlord must maintain basic living conditions and a good surrounding which is peaceful for the student to concentrate on their studies.

BYU recently implemented a policy that limits approval for housing within a two-mile radius of campus. Therefore, these housings have to be near the campus, which will help the students to commute to the college easily.

The rooms of the students must have enough space for living and the building plan must be presented for approval.

Men and women must not live together and their residence must be separate from each other

One of the clause prohibits keeping pets without prior written consent of the landlord and all students in the rental unit.

All these clauses are inspected and reviewed by the officials and then given approval. Therefore, it follows a strict policy to ensure the safety of the students.

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